Hosiery factory Perrin was founded in 1924
in Montceau-les-Mines, Burgundy, by Francis Perrin.

In the 1930s, his son René joined him, followed by his nephew Guy Reynaud. Together, they developed the hosiery business. Manufacture PERRIN is still a family-run company managed and developed by the 4th generation of founders: Mrs Martine Couturier, President and Mr Franck Couturier, Sales Director. Hosiery factory PERRIN is the last family-owned manufacturer of socks and tights. It is committed to producing quality collections that are 100% made in France.

Hosiery factory Perrin was awarded the “Heritage Comap,y” label for the French textile industry in August 2014. The Manufacture meets all the quality criteria required by this highly demanding label awarded by the French government. This label rewards and values all the staff and their know-how.

The vision defended by the entrepreneurs and their teams is 100% made in France. To achieve this, they combine high-quality sourcing and production, combining traditional hosiery techniques with the latest innovations on the market.

Dagobert à l’envers is the only collection of reversible men’s underwear! Mix and match! Trousers and socks feature different coloured patterns to wear whenever you feel like it! This new use for underwear is the result of a knitting innovation registered by the Manufacture.